Who is Mark Ellison

Hey, I’m Mark. I’m a photographer, cinematographer, and part-time superhero enjoying life in the apex of the East Coast. For me, NYC is the last stop on a series of stops and stays all over the place. No matter where I go, I’m fighting bad guys and taking their headshots as I go.

Even though my first love is photography and cinematography, I enjoy the finer things in life: Converse sneakers and my favorite Black Six Hoodie, old-school hip hop music, cigars from the DR, cold Hefeweizens, and a thick book on HTML5 and PHP (I am Computer Science major… just saying).

My Approach

My approach to photography and cinematography is natural, low-key and spontaneous. I prefer to photograph candidly instances and emotions as they occur versus constantly posing and forcing unnatural mannerisms and emotions. I believe this creates images that tell a story in an authentic, honest and unhurried way but more importantly, with a point of view that’s unmistakably unique.

The benefit of this approach is that my photography tends to be a very emotional and subjective, conscious experience. When I photograph you, I want to capture the real you. At the same time, I want each of my images to distinguish itself from a pile of images on a casting director’s desk, a gallery of thumbnails online, or from a sea of magazine covers at your local newsstand.