A professional photo/video shoot has many moving parts and maybe you have questions about something. I created this FAQ to answer questions that my team and I get asked on a regular basis.

If the question you have isn’t listed below, feel free to drop us a quick message using my contact page.

What if my agency/booker has a certain concept they want from my images?

  • If your agency and/or booker has specific recommendations for your shoot to be useful to them, please bring up those recommendations as soon as possible prior to your photo shoot. We can match an already established theme or can work with your handlers to develop something unique.

What should I wear to my photo/video shoot?

  • I suggest that you bring a variety of different looks from laid-back and casual to upscale and elegant. For the most flexibility, bring at least three complete outfits for each individual look you plan on shooting. I suggest clothing items such as jeans, skirts, slacks, shorts, sweaters, vests, t-shirts, dresses, blazers, t-shirts, shoes and more. And don’t forget the added polish that additional accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry can add to your shoot. There are do have wardrobe stylists available for consultation that would be happy to work with you one-on-one. Please contact us for more information.

Do I have to have a hair/makeup stylist to save money?

  • While I can’t hog-tie you down and force you to utilize the services of a hair and makeup stylist, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do.  The polish that a well-trained hair and makeup stylist can add to your images is beyond belief. If you’re making an investment in yourself by getting professionally done photos, then make sure you maximize the effect your images will have with the magic of a  properly-trained hair and makeup artist.

Your photo packages say “print resolution” and  “web resolution” files… what is that?

  • Print resolution is meant for images that you plan on physically printing out and because of this will be delivered at 300 dpi (or dots per inch). Web resolution is meant for images that you plan on using in the digital world such as on your website, your social networking profile, etc. Web resolution files will be delivered at 72 dpi which will work perfect for digital usage but make them unsuitable for physical printing.