Photo Session with… Shalini K

I had the chance to shoot again with one of my favorite repeat clients named Shalini K. Shalini is a Manhattan-based dancer and actress and she needed some updated images to send off for a long-distance casting call.


She was practicing at a Dance Manhattan, which is located near the corner of 19th St and 6th Ave, in the city and we agreed that I would meet her there and do the head shots. A few phone calls later, we had their private room, which is about 11′ x 13′, reserved and ours for the taking.  I also made a quick call over to my makeup/hair artist Renee Strong for some help with the makeup and hair since I already knew she was in the city not far from where we were.

With everything in place, Shalini greeted me in the lobby, walked me and Renee to the room, and everybody already knew what to do from that point. Some 30ish minutes later, Shalini walks in and she’s makeup and hair ready.

We had all worked together before on several occasions, especially Shalini and Renee, as Shalini would utilize her makeup and hair services often on various casting calls. Since we were all familiar with each other and knew what to expect, the photo shoot went quickly and Shalini had to leave to return back to her practice session that was happening in another studio room.

Overall, the session was a lot of fun. We’ve worked together many times before, so now when we get together for shoots, we can relax and be ourselves, which is great for any shoot.

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