Tiye Phoenix Twin Flame BTS

Video Session with… Tiye Phoenix Twin Flame BTS

I had the chance a few weeks ago to create a Tiye Phoenix Twin Flame BTS video with Tiye Phoenix and a good friend of mine named Harry Sando.  Harry was directing Tiye’s music video for her new single titled “Twin Flame” and I came along to do some BTS footage for everyone involved.

This is a behind the scenes video documenting Tiye’s “Twin Flame” video shoot with Harry Sando as the Music Video Director. Clecquot Woody out of Brooklyn NY served as Tiye’s love interest in the video.

Tiye Phoenix’s IG: Tiye Phoenix IG/
Harry B. Sando (IMDB): Harry Sando IMDB
Clecquot Woody: Clecquot Woody FB Fan Page


Update: Harry has completed the post-production work on the Tiye Phoenix “Twin Flame” video and Tiye has it posted online for everyone to see.

Check it out below!

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