Bashiri Asad w/ John Fell’s Live Music Video at the HiFi Lounge

Live Music Video with Bashiri Asad and John Fell at the HiFi Lounge

I love doing repeat live music video work from my music clients because it gives me a chance to start to learn the musical routines and mannerisms of each artist and allows me to create a better video each time I shoot with them. This is my fourth live music video shoot with Bashiri and I’m still caught off-guard with the surprises that Bashiri includes as part of his stage performance.

Bashiri played at the HiFi Lounge in Indianapolis’s Fountain Square area on 12/13/2014 and I had the chance to record his performance. Jay Jones opened the show singing his set on keyboard and then Bashiri closed the evening along with John Fell accompanying him on acoustic guitar. Normally, I usually expect to see Bashiri with a keyboard player so seeing a guitar player was a big surprise this time. John can play some mean guitar (check out “Hey Joe” at the 43:43 mark on YouTube for proof) and sounded good along with Bashiri’s vocals.

Although the show was opened by Jay Jones, his footage isn’t included here (he had his own videographer that night). I did manage to grab a rare exclusive of Bashiri and Jay singng together which I’ll provide in another blog post when it’s been cleared for release.

I look forward to working with Bashiri again in the future and I’ll keep you in the loop when it happens!

See the links below for the Vimeo and YouTube links to Bashiri and John’s live music video at the HiFi Lounge.

Vimeo version for the Vimeo fanboys/girls 🙂

I know some people prefer YouTube for videos so I’ve included that version below for YT fanboys/girls 🙂

You can check out another one of Bashiri’s live performances at the Do 317 Lounge by using the links below. (Vimeo) (YouTube)

I’m always looking for local artists (NYC and Indianapolis) to film live music videos (in a format like this Bashiri Asad live music video) so if you have a gig coming up and you’re interested in getting some footage, contact me with more details about you and your upcoming show.