New Blog Website For 2015

rss-logoIn addition to the new website that I mentioned in this blog posting, I forgot a few things that I needed to mention for RSS readers. Over the next few days, I will start migrating my blog posts from Blogger to right here.  That means a few issues might come up that I haven’t been able to yet make transparent to you as a reader.

One is the issue of having duplicate content which Google doesn’t like and actually goes so far as to hurt your search rankings because of it. To please Google I plan on offering up a sacrificial chicken to appease them… just joking. I am having chicken for dinner though. I plan on moving the posts a few at a time and as I add them here, I will remove them from Blogger. That means that theoretically, I’m creating a new posting which means that my RSS feed will resend it to you as a new post.

That’s great. You’re either…

  1. in love with my postings. You get to read my Shakespearean-like prose over and over again as you send me comments of adoration or you’re…
  2. Grumpy Cat and hate my postings. You now have the chance to get grumpy and say unspeakable things about me as you’re forced to read my crap again.

You see, either way, it’s a win-win situation for you!

Another issue is that if you’re looking for a specific posting, it might be here, there, or even both. If there’s an article you’re really looking for and can’t find it, shoot me a quick message and I can make sure that it’s where it should be.

Once everything is completed, you can reach the old blog (Blogger platform) at until I completely delete it from Blogger. You can reach the new blog (where you’re at now) by continuing to use