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New Photography Website For 2015


Starting today, NYC Photo Studio is going to have a new look. I been using the same website design for the last year or so and thought that for 2015 I would spruce things up a bit and make it more welcome at Although there has been dozens of small changes under the hood, there are xxx major things that I have been looking to implement with this redesign:

  • Updated the design to give it a modern look and feel. I’m a manly man but it sure looks pretty now… and I like it ūüôā
  • One of the major steps is internalizing the blog section to a self-hosted solution. I’ve been on Blogger’s platform ¬†for years but felt¬†limited by Blogger’s design and functionality limitations. ¬†As a result, my posting numbers often suffered because it was a hassle trying to fight Blogger every post. Now I have much more control, and I can start to put out the content I want on a more regular basis.
  • I have a blog that is now fully integrated visually with my website. I’m tend to be a¬†stickler about things matching and a self-hosted solution offers that flexibility and more.
  • Fully responsive design that works on every screen size from a small phone up to the humongous and ¬†ridiculously large man-cave (or lady-cave) screen . Plus my portfolio sections are now filterable AND easier to use on touch devices.
  • Did I mention it looks pretty?

Take a look around and push the buttons. Do like I do and yell out “This is Sparta” as you filter to your heart’s content in the new portfolios. ¬†Whatever you do, let me know what you plan to do to your website this upcoming year in the comments below.