Something For Nothing… Acting Reels.

Do you have some acting talent that you think the world needs to know about? Can you rub your head and pat your stomach all while reading your lines blindfolded.

Well, it’s almost a new year so it’s time to refine a couple of services that we have offer.  Our video headshots and actor/actress aka acting reel services were never a main focus but this year I’m looking to change that.

That means that I need some new footage material to showcase the new video formats and I need it like yesterday.  So my loss is your gain.  I have an appointment book in front of me with 10 open slots and I’m looking to fill them with qualified actors/actresses first come, first serve.

Now remember, this isn’t a freebie but you’ll definitely get a very good price considering what acting reels normally run ($450+ in most markets)  but there are two conditions.  One, you must sign a video release. Two, you must have a website. Why you ask? The release is giving me the okay to record you and to allow my usage as a promotional tool (aka portfolio piece) and the website requirement is because I want people that are serious about their craft. If you don’t have a website of some sort (God forbid, even a Wix website) than how serious can you really be about your craft (which is code-talk for “Why give you a highly discounted, one-of-a-kind, “look mom, I’m an actor/actress now”, almost-free video when it won’t ever be used?”).  In fact, if you need help on the website, talk to me anyway. I know a guy and that guy KNOWS how to make killer actor/actress websites.

So even if all you can do is balance some kitchen utensils on your noggin’ while delivering your lines, that’s good. Actually, that’s funny but contact me anyway if you’re interested and we can go from there.

Schedule a consultation and let’s get the creative juices flowing and start production on your brand-new acting reel.